Friday Round Up Of The Week’s Headlines – 8th February

Every week we are bombarded with headlines about the myriad ways in which search and social platforms are changing their algorithms, providing new user updates, finding new ways to safeguard user data or just changing a little something about the way in which they work. So, each Friday we are going to be putting together a summary of the top headlines of the previous week to give you a snapshot of the week in the world of all things digital. Keep reading to find out a bit more about what’s been going on this week….

Facebook Takes Steps to Unify It’s Messaging Apps

If you read our blog post last week about how Facebook plans to integrate its family of messaging apps (Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) then you’ll probably know what we’re talking about. This week, it seems as though the wheels are being put into motion as Facebook announced that Facebook Page admins would now be able to respond to any messages they receive through Instagram Direct from their Facebook Page inbox.

Facebook Adds New Features To Groups

Facebook has unveiled a number of new tools, which are designed to give Group Admins extra options as well as encourage more activity from Group members. These new updates include a range of new Post Formats (text sizes, bullet points and block quotes), Brand Collaboration options, Improved Group Communication (mute members, rule violations etc.) and an expansion of Mentorships and Subscriptions options.

Facebook Adds More Detail To “Why Am I Seeing This” Ad Info

As part of its wider movement to increase transparency and gain back the trust of its users, Facebook has added more information into the “Why am I seeing this?” drop down option on its paid for posts. This includes information such as “when your contact information was uploaded if it was by the brand or one of their agency/developer partners and when access was shared between partners.”

Facebook Rolls Out “Unsend” Feature To All Messenger Users 

After it was revealed last year that some senior executives at Facebook had ‘unsend message’ options on Messenger, Facebook has now made this feature available worldwide to all users (after trialling it in some countries last November). This feature can only be used within the ten minutes after a message is sent, and text alerting conversation participants to the message removal will take the place of any removed messages.

Instagram Plans To Remove Images Related to Self Harm

In an effort to protect more vulnerable users, Instagram has updated it’s content rules with four new guidelines that prohibit the posting any posts that “promote or encourage suicide or self-harm”. This includes images of non-graphic examples of self-harm, such as healed scars. They are currently looking into solutions like sensitivity warnings so that images are not immediately visible and directing any user who searches for related hashtags towards resources from Mental Health organisations.

IGTV To Appear in Main Feed

In a bid to get more engagement with IGTV, Instagram is looking at the option of showing IGTV promo videos of followed profiles in the user’s main feeds. Users will only be shown videos from IGTV broadcasts of accounts they already follow and will have the option to click to see more.

New Google Chrome Extension to Warn Users of Hacked Passwords

Hacked passwords and data breaches are becoming unnervingly routine nowadays, and major search platforms seem to be in an on-going race to keep up with the technology behind such hacks. As such, Google has released a Password Checkup Chrome Extension, which will check any password you use on Chrome against a database of hacked passwords and let you know if yours has been flagged.

Twitter’s Changes Up Performance Metrics As User Numbers Continue To Decline

Last year, Twitter launched its large scale plans to clean up the platform by getting rid of all traces of spam and fake accounts, which is in part to blame for it’s dropping user numbers. This is why they’re now changing the metric they use to measure user numbers; instead of counting all profiles, they’re only going to be paying attention to Monetizable Daily Active Users (‘mDAU’) i.e. the actual number of users that are eligible to be served ads on Twitter.

Twitter Rolls Out Brand New Desktop Layout

Twitter has begun to introduce its new desktop layout to some users this week, in which users can expect a much more simplified layout, with trends and suggested follows being moved onto the right-hand side and content from followed accounts taking more of the focus on the left-hand side. There’s also Data Saver and Night Modes to play around with, aimed at saving mobile data whilst on the move and a darker background for adjusting eyes at nighttime. Users will also now have the option to ‘bookmark’ tweets for later; unlike retweets and likes, the original poster won’t be notified of this action occurring and you can ‘un-bookmark’ something once you’ve finished reading it.

LinkedIn Hits 610 Million Members and Publishes Social Media Management eBook

LinkedIn’s user numbers are at an all-time high (610 million) and they’ve just published a free guide about social media marketing and management, based on the experiences of LinkedIn’s own social media management team. You can download the guide for free, here.


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