Case Study: Your Cruise Concierge

Executive Summary

Your Cruise Concierge provides a bespoke concierge service for customers looking to book their dream cruise holiday. Working with a network of leading cruise lines and operators, such as Norwegian, P&O and Celebrity Cruises, Your Cruise Concierge finds the best itinerary packages and deals for their customers.

The Challenges

Your Cruise Concierge had previously worked with another agency, although they were dissatisfied with the performance of their campaigns, and most importantly their cost per lead was far too high. They approached Media Maze with a clear goal in mind, specified the maximum price they were willing to pay for an enquiry and we set about devising a strategy for them.

How Media Maze Helped

After conducting a lot of research into Your Cruise Concierge’s target audience, Media Maze identified Facebook as the best channel for a lead generation campaign.

Having a clear objective, ideal cost per lead and audience in mind, Media Maze developed a highly targeted campaign that acquired leads for Your Cruise Concierge of a quality and cost that suited them.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

The Facebook campaign was a huge success and Media Maze was able to bring in leads for Your Cruise Concierge that cost less than their original specified lead price. As a result of this, Your Cruise Concierge were eager to get a Paid Search campaign off the ground too.

Continued success and growth of both the Facebook and PPC campaigns has given Your Cruise Concierge the opportunity to begin working with more cruise operators and continue to deliver a premium concierge service to their customers.

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