Case Study: Audley Clarke Solicitors

Executive Summary

Audley Clarke Solicitors provide expert legal help to those seeking compensation for a range of personal and business claims. Covering a number of different types of cases, from personal PPI to business debt recovery, Audley Clarke came to Media Maze with a brief to generate leads for their Cavity Wall claims service.

The Challenges

Audley Clarke Solicitors were looking for a way to generate enquiries from people whose homes had been damaged by poorly installed Cavity Wall insulation. Damp, mould and health problems are among some of the issues faced by people in homes installed with defective Cavity Walls. As a widespread problem throughout the UK, Audley Clarke decided to use their expertise to help those wanting compensation for the damage to their properties.

The main challenge that they faced was a lack of experience and know-how about how to build and target a campaign that would get them the results they desired. They came to Media Maze with the idea and we set about working on a lead generation strategy.

How Media Maze Helped

The Media Maze team assessed the task at hand and decided both a Paid Search and Paid Social (Facebook) campaign were required.

After researching the specific areas within the UK where the problem of defective Cavity Wall installation had been most prominent historically, we built each campaign out to be location targeted.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

From the first day that the campaign was up and running, we were generating enquires; by day two, Audley Clarke had their first official sale from Media Maze’s marketing.

As a result of the success of the partnership with Media Maze, Audley Clarke plan to continue to scale the campaign, expand the targeting areas as well as increase their budgets.

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