Case Study: Photostatic NW Ltd

Executive Summary

Since 2004, Photostatic NW Ltd has provided tailor-made printing solutions to clients from a wide range of public and private business sectors. Offering high quality and large capacity printers for lease, rent or purchase, they aim to provide a low cost but high productivity printing services to businesses around the UK.


Prior to working with Media Maze, Photostatic had relied solely on traditional and dated marketing methods such as word of mouth, networking and cold calling to generate new business.

However, they soon came to realise that in order to find new opportunities for the growth of their business, they would need to expand their reach onto online channels as well as offline ones.

How Media Maze Helped

After an initial meeting, Media Maze proposed the development of a Paid Search strategy as a starting point. Due to the nature of their product and the fact that Photostatic had never gone to market through any digital channels before, it was agreed that this approach would be able to generate high-quality leads at a cost that suited them.

Media Maze also reviewed and rebuilt the Photostatic website so that it was geared specifically towards lead generation, with a straightforward customer journey and a clear, consistent message delivered throughout.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

The partnership with Media Maze has allowed Photostatic to simultaneously focus on growing their customer base whilst continuing to deliver a competitive printing service. Since receiving a lot of positive response from clients as a result of their digital presence, Photostatic are now looking to increase their daily budgets in order to keep up with their expansion as a business.


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