A Brief Guide to the New Google AdWords Interface

The new Google AdWords interface will soon be irreversibly implemented across all accounts. The interface has undergone a fairly substantial transformation, with an updated overall structure; sleeker graphics and some brand new features that Google hopes will help AdWords users meet their business objectives more efficiently. There’s a lot to take in before it becomes mandatory for all account managers so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself now before the permanent switch over, anticipated to take place sometime before the end of 2018. In this article, we cover some of the new features as well as some useful resources for making the big switch.


Overview/ Home Page

The brand new homepage is much less cluttered and easy to break down visually. You’ll now be able to customise the performance metrics being compared in the graph at the top of the page based on which ones are most important to your campaigns. This aims to provide a much more visually accessible representation of how your campaigns are performing at a glance. Your new homepage will also display your top spending keywords as well as your most frequently displayed ad.

New Demographic Targeting options

In the new user interface, users will be able to target their ad groups to more specific demographics such as household income and parental status, which were targeting options previously limited to display advertisers and those targeting on location. This additional information will allow advertisers to cater to more specific audiences as well as make bid adjustments much more easily.

Advanced Bid Adjustment Options for Call Campaigns

Google has introduced a new bid adjustments feature designed to make managing your bids much more simple. You’ll now be able to adjust your bids between -90% to +900% to reflect your performance goals with specific interactions from the search engine results page, like calls through a call only campaign or a call extension.

Promotion Extensions

The new Promotion Extensions will enable advertisers to add relevant promotional offers to their ads without having to use up their limited characters to do so. They look slightly different to the other extensions, taking up more space directly beneath your ad and are therefore more noticeable on the search engine results page.

In addition to the above features, Google has also introduced Showcase Shopping Ads, an Audience Manager and multiple keyboard shortcuts to help users navigate the platform more easily. The new interface also looks to make reporting much simpler with performance data becoming more accessible and customisable. Google has provided some resources to help AdWords users understand and prepare for the changes they’ve made:

  1. A ‘guided tour’ will be available to all users when they log into the new interface. This will run you through the layout, where you can find original features and how to use the new ones.
  2. Google’s quick reference map is a basic guide to the new layout, which users can refer back to when working in the new interface.
  3. Google Help Centre has published an extensive guide called “The New AdWords Experience” which they recommend bookmarking.




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