Case Study: Spencer Kirk, Debt Help Experts

Executive Summary

Spencer Kirk is an FCA authorized business based in the UK, who help customers struggling with their personal finances, to find a solution that will help them become debt free.


Their initial route to market had been acquiring web leads from a number of various business partners. They found, however, that there was a lack of transparency about the origin of these enquiries, as well as a question of their quality. How the enquiries were being generated was unclear, and there became an inclination that a blend of different marketing channels was being used. They felt that because of this, the quality of the leads they received was compromised.

How Media Maze Helped

Media Maze was approached, as Spencer Kirk had no in-house team that had the knowledge to build a campaign of their own. The remit was straightforward, Paid Search had to be the channel to generate web leads because it was decided that this would produce the highest quality of enquiry. With it being a very competitive environment, it was also clear that we would need to closely guide Spencer Kirk, and ensure that we lead them through this new journey at a sensible pace and budget.

Our first challenge was researching this market. It quickly transpired that there was a vast array of different search terms that could potentially be used; keeping in mind that the marketing budget wasn’t a bottomless pit, we had to determine where to focus our attention first. We launched the campaign with a fairly basic ‘lead generation’ website and shortly realized that to generate an enquiry at an acceptable cost, our website conversion rate had to be well above the current 18%. This would allow us to bid on the keywords that would ensure Spencer Kirk to appear above the fold and thus, generate more enquiries.

We revisited the website and proposed a new website build. After conducting a lot of research on our competitors, we recognised that we needed to create more empathy, trust, and credibility than usual. Additionally, we needed to build a site that created a positive customer journey instead of one seeming to collect customer details so explicitly. After many hours of deliberation, we initiated the build and within two weeks were ready to relaunch.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Happily, this is where we got things right for Spencer Kirk. The website now converts beyond 30% and Spencer Kirk is getting leads in at reasonable costs. Most importantly, they are helping their customers become debt free and have steadily increased their daily budgets, meaning they are generating many more enquiries. As an additional bonus for us, they’ve gone onto recommend Media Maze to another 2 – 3 clients already!


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