A Sneak Peek into the New and Improved Media Maze Office

Last week, Media Maze HQ underwent a secret transformation. Although we think it’s a great office – it is a stones throwaway from the centre of Altrincham and has not only a pool table but a ping pong table too – it is fair to say that the interior was in need of a touch of TLC. So, much to the surprise of most of the team on Monday morning, Justin and his family spent the entire weekend injecting some life and colour into our office. Now that its transformation is complete, we are proud to reveal the brand new and improved Media Maze Office…

Lego Sign:

One aspect that was long overdue a makeover, was our indoor signage. The old, out-of-date logo was replaced with Lego baseplates, which were then decorated with Lego pieces by Laura. Now, the signage can be changed or added to whenever we like by our visitors or ourselves.

Sticker Wall:

Our brand new feature wall now displays a huge covering of stickers and logos. There are roughly 500 different stickers on there currently, but we plan to add some more…

Colour scheme:

It’s hard to imagine our old greying walls, now that we have a bright blue and red colour scheme across the office.

Office Accessories:

The finishing touches to our new home include some bright new cushions on the sofas in our chill out area, two pieces of brand new artwork for our walls, and last but certainly not least, new stickers on the loos!


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