Case Study: Forster Dean Solicitors


Executive Summary

Forster Dean Solicitors provide expert legal advice across the North West, covering a range of cases from motoring convictions to conveyancing. After failing to achieve success with another agency, Media Maze was hired to transform the firms online marketing strategy. The partnership allowed Forster Dean to remain focused on providing quality legal support to their clients, whilst delivering a campaign capable of turning a negative ROI into a positive one. 


Prior to teaming up with Media Maze, Forster Dean was working with a Paid Search agency that specialised in the legal industry. After reviewing their setup and strategy, Forster Dean discovered a number of issues that were preventing them from achieving their business goals.

Initially, Forster Dean had spent over £40,000 on paid search over a 6-month period, yet their ROI had remained negative.  Simply put, they were generating too few enquiries at too high a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Next, they discovered that many of their enquiries were unsuitable for their business. Time and advertising costs were squandered on generating cases that they were unable to convert into paying clients.

Furthermore, organic enquiries on their site had decreased considerably following a Google Rankings drop which had prevented their website appearing in results pages for many of their preferred keywords.

Lastly, a significant lack of communication between themselves and their previous agency led to Forster Dean losing faith in the whole digital model

How Media Maze Helped

Unsure what to do next, Forster Dean turned to Media Maze to help them deliver the results they wanted to see.

Media Maze took a 360 approach to the campaign, focusing not only on lead volume and price but also on the overall value of those enquiries to maximising ROI.

By conducting a thorough review of the Ad campaigns that they were currently running, Media Maze identified the keywords and campaigns that generated the right enquiries for the client at the best cost price. This enabled Forster Dean to focus only on enquiries that were relevant to their business goals.

Media Maze headed up the design of bespoke landing pages to match each campaign. These pages were geared towards PPC traffic with the aim of maximising conversion rates for the Paid Search Traffic.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Forster Dean experienced the immediate benefit of an increase in lead volume and a reduction in CPA which dropped from a high of £250-300 an enquiry to an average of £121.75 per enquiry.

Forster Dean Conveyancing Project

Happy with the success of the initial campaigns, we were soon asked to work across conveyancing products within the business.

Forster Dean’s sole route to market in this discipline was by introducing brokers, such as Estate Agents and IFAs however the large commissions they were obliged to pay meant that CPA was far too high.

Keen to start generating their own enquiries to overcome this expensive obstacle, Media Maze was tasked with developing a fresh strategy.

By using a similar approach to that taken with the motoring campaigns, Media Maze has enabled Forster Dean to take back control of the campaign, increase the enquiries generated in-house and reduce the CPA from introducer fees.

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